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PMU Applications in distribution Networks

As the scope of the project is based on metrology in Power Systems, Ravi was focusing on developing additional applications of PMU-type meters for distribution systems. The main contribution is an on-line estimation algorithm for tracking real-time line rating in cable systems, aimed e.g. at collection systems for windfarms (with or without additional PV generation).

The researcher studied the application of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) and phasor-based methods in distribution networks.  Two applications have been investigated. First application presents and investigates a novel Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) method using PMUs.  Second application is based on utilization of harmonic phasors for aggregated modelling of distribution level sub-grids.

The goal of a DLR application is to enable network operators to determine flexible time-based loading limits of the cables.  Cable temperature is a key variable in fixing the loading limits.  Instead of directly measuring the cable temperature as in previously proposed methods, this applications uses indirect method to estimate the cable temperature in real-time using PMU data.

Aggregated modelling of distribution level sub-girds is an application based on harmonic phasor measurements.  The goal of this application is to estimate the instantaneous harmonic impedance of the gird.  This application would be helpful in building accurate network models for the purpose of studying and quantifying harmonic emissions.


1st secondment

VSL (01.2017 – 06.2017)

2nd secondment

Alliander (05.2019 – 06.2019)


  • Answer to the Line parameter estimation by estimating them based on PMU data. Results: Algorithm for on-line parameter estimation and uncertainty definition
  • Answer to the Aggregated load impedance estimation by simulating network events and load parameter estimation. Results: Harmonic load models of network loads
  • 5 publications

Thesis title

PMU Applications in distribution Networks


  • “Line Parameters Estimation in Presence of Uncalibrated Instrument Transformers”. Ravi Shankar Singh, Stanislav Babaev, Vladimir Cuk, Sjef Cobben, Helko van den Brom (2019 2nd International Colloquium on Smart Grid Metrology (SMAGRIMET)) [Repository Link: https://zenodo.org/record/3895828]
  • “Medium Voltage Line Parameter Estimation Using Synchrophasor Data: A Step Towards Dynamic Line Rating”. Ravi Shankar Singh, Sjef Cobben, Madeleine Gibescu, Helko van den Brom, Daniele Colangelo, Gert Rietveld (2018 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM)) [Repository Link: https://research.tue.nl/en/publications/medium-voltage-line-parameter-estimation-using-synchrophasor-data]
  • “Estimation of Impedance and Susceptance Parameters of a 3-Phase Cable System Using PMU Data”. Ravi Shankar Singh, Helko van den Brom, Stanislav Babaev, Sjef Cobben, Vladimir Ćuk (Energies) [Repository Link: https://pure.tue.nl/ws/portalfiles/portal/142076775/energies_12_04573_v2.pdf]
  • “Assessment of errors in the measurement chain of distribution grids for feasibility study of a PMU application”. Ravi Shankar Singh, Sjef Cobben, Madeleine Gibescu (2018 First International Colloquium on Smart Grid Metrology (SmaGriMet)) [Repository Link: https://zenodo.org/record/3895811]

Current position

PhD Candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology


Ravi Shankar


Vladimir Cuk