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ENEL IeR is a part of ENEL Group, the principal electricity operator in Italy one of Europe’s main listed utilities. It is an integrated player, active in the power and gas sectors. Enel today operates in 40 countries worldwide, has over 97.000 MW of net installed capacity and sells power and gas to around 61 million customers. ENEL IeR is a service division for the companies of the Enel group, managing through its Research Area the development and coordination of research activities.

It assures the scouting, development and exploitation of the innovation opportunities for all the business areas of the group. The Research Area employs about 160 researchers and for more than 30 years has been active in the field of innovative generation systems, energy conversion, plant diagnostics and automation, generation systems from renewable sources, smart grids and energy efficiency.

A significant number of research projects is devoted to topics like storage, renewable integration, energy efficiency, Smart Grids and SmartCity. In this framework, beside experimental and demonstration activities in its laboratories and on the field, ENEL IeR makes extensive use of simulation tools and develops new models and tools for the analysis of Smart Grid.

Participant contact: Gianluca Gigliucci


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