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The Foundation for Promotion of the Industrial Innovation, FFII, is a non-profit organization specialized in testing, calibration of electrical equipment and in developing of electrical grid studies. FFII is the Delegated Metrological Institute associated to the Metrology Spanish Center (CEM), in charged to maintain the national Spanish standards in the high voltage field.

FFII has excellent international laboratories, mobile facilities and applied research capabilities accredited by ENAC (Public Spanish Body for Accreditation). The High Voltage Technological Center, HVTC, of LCOE is a laboratory belonging to FFII-LCOE focused in medium and high voltage electrical networks to give services to manufacturers and electrical utilities in testing, h.v. measurements and grid studies.

The HVTC-LCOE-FFII is the unique accredited Lab for High Voltage calibration of highest voltages in Spain (more than 1MV in AC and 2 MV for lightning impulses).

Participant contact: Fernando Garnacho.


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